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A Sharp Miner Server for Adults 18+

A Sharp Miner Server for Adults 18+

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Hello, my dear Minecrafters! Hello everyone. A Sharp Miner (A#m, ASM) is Minecraft community where mature reasonable people play with other Mature reasonable people. Server is 100% vanilla. is used by community members to communicate with each other. General Information Server age limit: 18+ Difficulty: UHC. No natural health regeneration Server website: Survival server address: UHC server address: Dynamp: Mumble: IRC to Server: / #asharpminer Server rules can be found here A#m Minecraft server is for those who want to play and enjoy new 1.8 content without any drama and hassle. If you enjoy playing Vanilla Minecraft like we do, this is the place for you. A#m aims to be more then just a Minecraft server, it is a place where sane, reasonable, intelligent, mature people enjoy playing with other reasonable, intelligent, mature people. No kiddie drama, people are expected to behave like adults. Unless you are 18, mentally matured, able to express your thoughts clearly and have a healthy sense of humour, this will not be a good place for you.

A Sharp Miner Server for Adults 18+
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