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BetterInGame has a number of servers in one package. It is an 18+ community above all else. The following servers exist: Pure: This is a semi-vanilla server with NO BLOCK GENERATION. The basis of this server is that everything was created from in game materials, including spawn. The server uses grief protection (Residence and Lockette), Economy (Essentials and ChestShop), and basic limited travel assistance (Essentials, BungeeSuite). This is as close to vanilla as you can get while still having these three elements (Protection, Economy, and Travel). Splinter: A Factions PVP Server. Besides its spawn, the entire server is PVP. You can accumulate power to protect land, form an empire or go at it solo, and fight your enemies. PVP, Griefing, and Raiding are allowed on this server. Monarch: This is a not so vanilla server. It includes MCMMO for a real role playing experience. In addition, we use Towny to help give a better community feel. We are constantly adding new quests to the server so that players can feel like the MMO part is more than just a grind. Famine: Just think Hunger Games. We even have a member on the server named Katniss. This is a flat world with no need for player items. You can pick one of the maps on the world or create your own on the creative server below to play on. Creative: This is a place to quickly test your ideas. Why go through the frustration of building a complex redstone contraption just to find out it doesn't work? The creative server allows "gamemode 1" or creative and flying for all members. If you search around, you will likely see the plans for many of the major landmarks on other servers. BetterInGame is an online gaming community for players that like to play games without drama and fighting. PVP and PVE are better in game; not on the forums. To accomplish minimizing the drama, we have three simple principles that the rules are based on. 1. Adults are a unique group of gamers that want to spend their limited time playing with other adults. Nothing against those under age, but this is a server managed by adults for adults. 2. Players do not need to put up with instigators or trouble makers. We kindly ask those individuals to leave in order to provide a stable and mature environment. 3. The rules are setup to accommodate the busy schedules of adults. There are no penalties for inactivity. Specifically, no one will remove your work because you leave the server. Adults have busy lives and want to feel comfortable coming back after 6 months or 2 years, and picking right up where they left off. For further details on how these principles are built into our community, please review the rules section. Adult Servers
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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pingedabout 2 months ago
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Version 1.12
CategoriesHunger GamesPVPCreativeEconomyFactionsPVEMCMMOTownyVanillaRust
CountryUnited States of America flag