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The Fun of Crafting

The Fun of Crafting


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Most people play Minecraft for leisure and fun. That's how it usually starts out for people. Just the love of playing games and the ownership of free time, and somehow they stumble upon Minecraft. But, shortly after just playing it for fun, it becomes a part of life. It becomes something that is worked into busy schedules and something people make time for. Why would someone waste their time on such a silly little game? Well, that's an easy answer. Because of places like The Fun of Crafting. A server that everyone has a great time on. TFOC isn't only a place to screw around murdering pigs and sheep and building exquisite homes, like all other servers are. It's a place where you become a part of a family. A very diverse family, too. Many people who have played on TFOC have met people from Ireland, the USA, Italy, Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and many other places. Practically all the people have became very close to a certain mountain animal who aspires to speak Latin. And each person is part of the ever changing family. Join the family, you won't regret it.

The Fun of Crafting
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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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Version 1.12
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