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Chaotic United has come back from the ashes. And we are here to stay. Our server has a special setup with multiple connection points, allowing a smooth connection anywhere in the world. We have over 8gb of RAM, so it takes a lot to start causing lag issues. On top of that, we are soon migrating to a BungeeCord setup that will reduce any chance of lag. Our staff you will find friendly and quite laid back. --Staff [Owner] haloman30/halogirl30 [Co-Owner] alycat [Manager] LetsplaymasterDR [Manager] ci833508 [Mod+] GeneralKnapp [Mod+] Esponshadow1 [Mod+] Ivory [Mod+] 6666RocketBunny (Mike79953) [Mod+] 16dbaxter [Helper] NobleNoob4Life [Helper] thenotchcreeper [Helper] Em_Aru [Helper] X6er --?Features Survival - Play on an unlimited survival world, with SwornRPG, mcMMO, Residence and more! Creative - Got a knack for big builds? Play on OpenCreative! Looking to go a bit smaller? Stick with PlotMe Creative! SkyBlock - Got a craving for skyblock? We have that too! Rewards - For just playing on the server, you will earn random rewards! Time-Based Ranking - You can earn almost any rank on the server by accumulating playtime, or by donating. Time or money, you are important to Chaotic United's growth and uprising. --Affiliated Communities United AlyCraft Hurricane Craft Nuclear District Poké-Masters Ready to join the Chaotic United Network? Register on our forums at: Join our MC Server at:

Chaotic United
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Chaotic United
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