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Welcome to.... CatCraft!

CatCraft is a newly made server that is still heavily in development. With the help of our current playerbase and staff alike, we are slowly but surely moving through any issues we come across, as well as developing new areas of content for everyone to use and enjoy. Any bugs or issues found should be directly reported to a staff member via game or the forums! We want to remedy these immediately, and will sometimes offer rewards to users who find them. 

Currently, the server is nothing more than simple and fun Minecraft. We have a lot of splendid survival-enhancing featurs and plugins that make for some absolutely stellar gameplay. We do accept donations for ranks and kits, but you do not need to pay real many for any of them. CatCraft features an easy to use ad system, in which you can earn credits for watching ads, and in turn spend those just like real currency inside of our donation store. Nothing is limited here, everything can be earned this way.

Coming soon to CatCraft...

Fear not! There's still much to do and be added to the server. The next thing we want to add in are two brand new worlds, PvP and Mining. These worlds will follow a new set of rules, and be considered separate from the main world. For example, the PvP world will be a complete free-for-all. The Mining world will reset either monthly or weekly, depending on how much it is used and the opinion of the playerbase. Find out more about our upcoming updates on our website!

All that being said, while CatCraft is rather new, it will still prove to be a fun and enjoyable experience for Minecraft veterans and newbies alike. Come check out us and tell us what you think! We love to hear feedback so we know exactly how to improve our server. You can join now at:

CatCraft Server
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CatCraft Server
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