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Galactic Prison

Galactic Prison

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Galactic Prison


The Galaxies of the Unknown to be Known!

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  • Server Name: Galactic Prison

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  • Game Type/s: [Prison] - This prison server combines everything to make it the best possible.

  • Additional Worlds: [KitPvP] [SkyBlock] [SkyWars]

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Welcome to Galactic Prison, "The Prison in the Sky" (or space if you want to get technical). We have combined the best and greatest plugins to give you the best laid back OP Prison server in the sky! Ever heard of that? This server combines all elements from OP Prison, KitPvP, SkyBlock, and SkyWars to keep you busy and entertained. Take custom enchanted weapons and armor into KitPvP and become the King or Queen of PvP. Take any elements from OP Prison and take it into SkyBlock to build your own monstrous base in the sky, or do it the OG way. Use money from mining to buy custom kits in SkyWars. Every elimination you make takes .01% of their money and gives it to you. Think about it. It's a lot if a player has 1B and you eliminate them. Any custom enchants or items you do not like, sell or bid it in the auction house to make some extra side cash. There are many more features than that to explore!

OP Prison:

In the prison part of the server, you start with tools and weapons, which you can get rid of with /trash. They all are diamonds tools, but this is not an op prison server. The catch is you have to work your way up to an OP Pick. Don't worry with a little bit of patience and strategy you will get it in no time. There are many add features to help obtain your OP Pick There are custom enchants for your pick, so rankups are easier. There are OP Crates to help with your mining experience, from XP Boosters to money, and xp levels. There is a second currency called crystals and you use them to upgrade your tools or weapons with /upgrade. You obtain them by mining. There are also treasure keys in the mines, and all the mining crate keys. The last currency is your XP. XP is used for getting custom enchants, potions of haste or wealth, and getting shulker boxes which are essentially your backpacks. Then, you have the auction house. If you have any items you do not like, why not sell it or bid it? When you reach the last rank possible, you can prestige on and start over at A. You will get a decrease in rank price, a prestige level, and some boosters to help. The more you prestige the more custom enchants you can add to your tools, weapons, and armor.

SkyBlock/ SkyWars:

As stated before, in SkyBlock take any mine material from Prison and bring it to your SkyBlock. We have created Custom Islands to give you a better SkyBlock experience. There are many challenges to accomplish and so much building.

In SkyWars, each map is custom made with Custom Kits. No wait times! Have a least two people to start and enjoy the fight.


In this, pretty much fight to the death. Oh and mob spawning is on so good luck with that... In all seriousness, not really, the weapons that you upgrade in prison and put custom enchants on can be taken into KitPvP. There is also diamond armor hidden in the Prison world for you to buy and enchant. Do whatever you can to be the most powerful and take the throne as King or Queen of PvP!


  • No Griefing

  • No Cheating

  • No Hacks

  • No Cussing/Swearing

  • No Trolling

  • No Bragging

  • No Stealing

  • No Advertising

  • Play Fair & Be Nice

  • Most Of All Have Fun

Hope to see you there!

Galactic Prison
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Galactic Prison
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