The First Age Server (Discontinued)

The First Age Server (Discontinued)

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The Eras of Arda group launched this server on June 22nd 2018 (3pm EST / 21h00 CEST), based on an all new submodded version of the magnificent mod by Mevans: the Minecraft Lord of the Rings mod. Our dedicated submod is created and maintained by Valiec.

Submodded implies: biomes, road network, waypoints for fast-travel, factions, alignment, and much more, all customised to make the world fit Middle-Earth in the First Age!

Server features

Here's an overview of the key features of The First Age Server:

The First Age Server is a LOTRmod Forge mod-modded server, made for people who wish to experience roleplay in many various forms, in the age of the accounts of The Silmarillion and other books of the legendary author of The Lord of The Rings trilogy, J.R.R. Tolkien. The server world offers an immersive roleplay environment that mimics Arda and its inhabitants during The First Age. The timeline for this server starts in the early fifth century of the First Age (FA), a few decades before Morgoth would break the Siege of Angband, a siege that lasted for several centuries in the early FA.

The dedicated submod created by Valiec and the Eras of Arda team offers: a customised world map (generating using the LOTRmod's world generation code), a dedicated road network with dozens of waypoints that can be used for fast travel, dedicated biomes, factions and items matching the First Age lore, hundreds of custom textures and thousands of customised text lines for factions, NPCs, NPC speechbanks, geographical names, lore books, etcetera.

The world of Arda in the First Age covers Beleriand, the land that is home to all of the famous stories in the time of the Silmarillion. The world landmass measures a massive 160000 blocks from east to west and from north to south.

For anyone not familiar with the LOTRmod, do visit the home page of the LOTRminecraftmod.wikia and don't start your adventure without a visit to the Middle-earth gameplay guide. And the special server wikia, which provides all most relevant lore and server info on the server factions.

We are a community open to everyone, but in our gameplay we encourage immersion in roleplay in agreement with Tolkien's fascinating and immensely inspiring lore.

Players can play as both lore and custom characters. Any lore character or characters in a position of (faction) leadership will require an application at the character applications board of the servers wiki. Knowledge of the lore is recommended!

Roleplay is not very strict, but it is key to the servers gameplay and therefore expected! The more intense and convincing you roleplay, the more staff will like you, and exemplary immersive roleplay may eventually trigger nice (lore-based) gifts.

Our special version of the LotRmod will update along with the original version. That version is downloadable via the server page at the mod’s wiki.

The staff team consists of many veteran players with focus on high quality guidance of lore, faction conflict and events. We host a number of permanent siege/battle stages that offer our players risk free opportunity to practise their pvp skills and enjoy massive scale combat. The serverside-only SiegeMode mod is used for that purpose. We even host theme fitting dodgeball and king of the hill events!

Finally, we have The First Age Server Wiki, which provides tons of info on factions and their lore, and more.

Rules and commands

Our rules are presented on our wiki page and we expect every new player to study them carefully before joining us.
The server has a number of dedicated features, some of which require use of special commands. These are also explained on our wiki page.

What do I need to play?

As noted above, you need the customised LOTRmod, which is updated on a regular basis and linked in the Infobox (top right) on our wiki page. You need to install a 1.7.10 Forge profile using Forge version 1588 or newer (downloadable via this link).

You can also opt to install our special Technic Pack!

Detailed info can be found on all of the above is presented on our wiki page:

Join our community:

The First Age Server (Discontinued)
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