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What is Nova Wars? 
Nova Wars is a custom factions server filled with many different game modes and features for all our players to enjoy. The community of Nova Wars is filled with several individuals who have an amazing insight into the server and what it has to offer. We have specific rules put in place to ensure all players on the server are treated equally with respect, professionalism and equality. At Nova Wars, everyone receives a warm welcome by all staff and players, we encourage all users to play, have fun and enjoy themselves whilst in the company of our server. 

What is Nova Wars? 
Nova Wars is an action packed server with several unique features to entice and impress all of our users. The development of the server was a long, well worth journey to be where we are today. We welcome all players to our factions server. 

Whilst playing on the network, you will discover many exciting things to do and to keep you busy whilst your playing with us, we have features such as Custom bosses, Envoy Events, Virtual crates, Treasure pets, Clue scrolls and much more to have the best possible satisfaction of all the players who come together as a community and play on our server. 

We encourage all players to check out the server, and see what all the excitement is about, Nova Wars has alot more to come, with the help of you and others in this community we can get to the top, and be the best server out there.

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Registration DateJune 25, 2018
Last Pinged2 minutes ago
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Version 1.8.8
CategoriesFactionsPVPMCMMOOP Factions
CountryUnited States of America flag