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Cottoncraft is a very carefully crafted and maintained server that borders on an anarchy play style with a small number of rules. We run Towny in a very similar fashion to Factions, a big difference being that you do not overclaim people to break into a base. You aren't penalized for defending your town and you'll have to be crafty to break into well armored opponents. You can make money with spawners, farms, or mining. Be as destructive or creative as you want, keep in mind you're dealing with people not npcs and your actions come with consequences and reactions. 

In other words, don't be a weenie and quit when you get raided especially after you do it to someone else. With a player vault, enderchest, and shulkers as common as candy you have zero excuse for not recovering fairly quickly. As long as you're playing in a smart way, you'll be able to bounce back from any major losses in no time. Make use of that to surprise your enemies when they think you're down!

It's entirely up to you how to play. Build up a strong foundation and wreak havoc across the map, or stealthily break into the other player's bases and steal their valuables or destroy their structure from the inside out. CottonCraft allows for unlimited opportunities and strives to keep every player in the game as long as possible. Find something you like to do and master it.

Note: /back, /pv 1, and a second home are benefits of member rank! Be sure to take five minutes to link your IGN (in game name) to your enjin profile under Characters. If you have done this previously, please contact an admin to promote you manually. 

If you need to contact staff, discord is the fastest way. Please contact a Moderator first unless it's major. 

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Registration DateJune 30, 2018
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Version 1.13.2
CategoriesEconomyMCMMOTownyAnarchySmallOP PVP
CountryUnited States of America flag
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