LonksMC [Towny] [1.16.3]

LonksMC [Towny] [1.16.3] ip: Lonksmc.gamename.net

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LonksMC is a New Towny server in the works with a brand new world. We just reset, so you and you friends can startup your very own town or join someone else's. This is a friendly and active community server, we aim to create a healthy environment for everyone to enjoy. 

Jump in, grab a job, and start building! We have tons of different quests for you to work towards throughout your journey. Use these rewards to give your town a boost. McMMO creates a perfect leveling and progression system to keep you engaged every second of the way.

Our main features:

* Towny - build your own town, or join in with friends.

* MCMMO - level up different skills to increase your production at your job.

* 35+ Free Ranks - ranks may be earned throughout various methods around the server. We aim to be as little pay-to-win as possible.

* Jobs - start working the perfect job for you, we have plenty to choose from.

* 25 + Quests - make progress towards these goals as you play the server and earn unique rewards.

Our server is generally very lax when it comes to rules, but we do have some different rules that you may follow. 

  • Be respectful. Do not be deceitful, inappropriate, or harass any member of the community. Swearing is tolerated to an extent.
  • Griefing is unacceptable in all cases and you will be punished.
  • Alt accounts may be used, but you are limited to 3.
  • Any form of hacking, cheating or use of bugs and exploits will result in an immediate punishment. Please do not ruin the fun for others.

We are always looking for new players, Youtubers and staff! Give our site a visit, make a forum post, or pop into our Discord to introduce yourself. Use our apps to apply for a position that's right for you.

IP: Lonksmc.gamename.net

Website: www.Lonksmc.enjin.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/F9PSkgM

LonksMC [Towny] [1.16.3]
Server Information
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/F9PSkgM
Registration DateJuly 01, 2018
Last Pinged1 minute ago
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Version 1.16.3
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