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SuperColaTyphoon boasts a near 24/7 up-time and has been online since the 1st of July 2018 thanks to the sponsorship from FluppyHost. SuperColaTyphoon Staff Team works as hard as they can to offer their users the best skyblock experience, some of the features you'd never believe were in minecraft. Our Staff Team continues to prove to do their best to improve your experience on our server. Below we give a brief description of our features. Check us out today!

  • OP SkyBlock
    • In SkyBlock, you and up to four team mates spawn on an island nowhere in the sky. You must gather resources from various ways including cobblestone generator and mob farms to upgrade your island level & In-game currency, and buy items from the shop to decorate it! You can buy spawners from our in-game shop, and make mob farms that make millions of money.

  • Minigames
    • We offer you custom minigames that will change once a while so you never get bored of it! By participating or winning a game, you will get some in game currency to help you out on your island.

    Server Information
    Discord Link
    Registration DateJuly 20, 2018
    Last Pingedabout 10 hours ago
    Minecraft Server Statistics
    Version 1.12
    CategoriesMinigamesOP Skyblock
    CountryDenmark flag