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Minecraft Version 1.12.2

Luxury, dedication, and precision. These elements are implemented through all structures in ThatMiningLife. ThatMiningLife is pleased to debut an experienced and thoughtfully planned server that provides modern day opportunities and activities for Minecraft players today. The server offers 4 stunning new worlds for Minecraft players to choose and play from. The worlds are inspired by Minigames, Creative, Skyblock, and Survival.

Each of the servers worlds are thoughtfully built with patience and dedication. One unique feature that the server offers, is a custom built the suburban town with 20 homesites and a large amenity facility designed for shops and events. Players can use our configured /shop to get the peskiest blocks or items or to swipe away your impatience with mining! In addition to Survival, we also have Minigames for the players to indulge in some friendly interactions with the players or staff.

The Minigames server is designed for players to interact with other players and engage in friendly (Tag, racing) or unfriendly interactions (Deathmatch). Strategy and stealth skills are often recommended for players to survive while playing someone of minigames. 

To lighten up the mood and provide building experience opportunities. Players have the audacity to build in the creative world. The Creative world has an estimate of over 1 million plots, and each of the plots is measured by 256x256 blocks. In this world, players are expected to congregate and to communicate with other players to experience the enjoyment of creativity...

In conclusion, Skyblock is a survival orientated world that is elevated up in the sky. The world is decorated with a collection of upscale islands that have their own unique biome with different lifestyle settings. This includes shops, event rooms, and other traditional necessities for Minecraft players to indulge.

ThatMiningLife is pleased to provide a variety of rare opportunities for all Minecraft players throughout the world. The server is now open to experience first hand.

Global Features:

- Public and Active Discord
- Global punishment system
- Votifier
- Active and friendly staff team
- Amazing builders
- Donator ranks for Survival and Skyblock
- Purchasable commands/perks for Survival, Skyblock, and Creative
- Vote rewards

Individual Server Features


A wonderful hub designed by our amazing build team that includes many colors in its palette and has many easter eggs hidden throughout the hub by the build team.

- Custom built spawn
- Planned Minigames is not yet determined.
- Some will be Spleef, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, many singleplayer games, etc.

Survival Features:
- 6 Free Ranks! 
- Custom crafting recipes.
- Crates
- Custom built Spawn, Modern Town, and Palace
- Buyable Custom Homes w/ in-game currency
- X-Ray protection
- GriefPrevention - Golden shovel to protect your builds
- Jobs plugin - Earn some money!
- ShopGUIPlus (/shop)
- Buy PlayerShops regions RIGHT at / spawn!
- Player Shops plugin - Sell your items to other players and make some cash in the process.
- Player Banks (Authorized players can create their own bank and lend money to other players and make some money back in the process!)
- Welfare check plugin (You get money for free for just playing!)

Skyblock Features:
- Custom built spawn
- Ore Generator- Uses a cobblestone generator to make ores
- ShopGUIPlus (/shop)
- PlayerShop areas (Create your own shop to make some money and sell your items to other players)

Creative Features:
- Custom built spawn by our wonderful build team
- 256x256 plots for all players to indulge in their greatest desires and explore their creativity.
- Free WorldEdit for everyone!
- Upgradable WorldEdit plans for higher restrictions.

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