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Claycow is not like any other servers, we feature many of the most fun minigames and game modes out there in the Minecraft universe, but with our very own added twist to make them feel original and fresh. It has got Towny, Kingdoms, Minigames, Creative and Skyblock among many other incredible games for you to play and enjoy with all of your friends. Joining by yourself? You are sure to meet many new players to form new bonds with. We pride ourselves in housing a very close community that can hang out together and play different games together while forming new friendships.

But that’s not what makes it different from other servers. There are 3 reasons why this server is so special.

1. Kingdoms and Towny are in the same world. You may wonder what Kingdoms is?  It´s like a faction but with extra features like turrets and upgrades. You'll be able to upgrade your base and protect your valuable items with a bunch of brand new custom items. This allows for many new ways to go about playing the traditional factions.

2. It’s the same balance in all games. Let´s say you get 200 dollars for winning a game in BedWars then you can take that money and spend it in another game. No matter which game you prefer to play, you can use your earned currency to purchase upgrades, ranks, and other items to help you succeed in all other areas of the game.

3. Kingdoms & Towny and Skyblock have the same inventory. Use your hard earned resources across various different game modes!

Sooo… I could talk for hours about the reasons to why you should play on this server. But I think that it’s just better if you join and see for yourself. Enjoy, we hope to see you soon!

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Registration DateAugust 06, 2018
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Version 1.12
CountryEurope flag
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