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Tiny SMP

Tiny SMP

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|Survival Multiplayer Minecraft|MultiWorlds|Mini-Games|PvP Arenas|1.9.2|SkyBlockI Welcome to Tiny! Fully 1.9! We are a friendly community with great players and a mature staff team. Tiny offers several games, including Survival, Vanilla Survival, SkyBlock, and Mini-Games. Visit our website & forums @ ISkyblockI Multiple customized islands Island protection Co-op islands enabled Player chestshop market Dungeon, farm, and PvP Arena for all players to access |Survival| World Border is 100,000 x 100,000 Spawn Protection Border Is 200 x 200 with a No PVP zone Keep Inventory is ON in this world Shop and Economy Claim Protection |Vanilla| World Border is 25,000 x 25,000 Spawn Protection Border is 250 x 250 with a No PVP zone Keep Inventory is OFF in this world No plugins in this world Mob griefing on No claim protection Griefing allowed No economy |Mini-Games| SkyWars Build-It Cave In Parkour Connect 4 WarFare PvP Arenas Spleef Replica

Tiny SMP
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Tiny SMP
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pinged
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Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag
Server TypeMinecraft Java Edition