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Looking for challenge and excitement? To recapture that sense of adventure - the hunt for the dangerous and unknown?

Join Monumenta - a free Minecraft-based action MMORPG in the spirit of "Complete the Monument", particularly Ragecraft.

If you've enjoyed other great (unaffiliated) CTM series like Super Hostile, Untold Stories, Vinyl Fantasy, or Uncharted Territory, Monumenta is right up your alley.
Monumenta is unlike any other Minecraft MMO server - fight your way through dungeons, slay bosses, and complete quests mostly in survival mode, allowing you to place and break blocks as Notch intended.
Monumenta offers 10+ square kilometers of custom-built terrain including expansive towns with quests to complete, respawning dungeons to conquer, and massive multi-hour instanced raid dungeons to test your skill and obtain exotic loot. Monumenta is a cooperative server, where you can play with friends (or solo) to tackle its many challenges.
Monumenta has an expansive player class system (mage, warrior, etc.) and over 1000 custom items. Unlike most MMOs, there is no grinding to level up. Items and skill points are obtained by defeating dungeons and completing quests - and you can switch classes at any time and use your existing skill points in that new class. There are no tedious "MMO-style" skills like mining, etc. to level up by endless repetitive clicking.

Some stats:

  • 18 unique raid dungeons, each providing hours of gameplay.
  • 170+ respawning mini-dungeons scattered across the 100% custom overworld terrain.
  • 90+ quests with story, puzzles, and unique rewards.
  • 7 player classes with over 100 unique abilities to choose from.
  •   Mage - Arcane and Elemental magic user. Strong AoE and crowd control abilities
         Warrior - Sword/Shield/Axe Master
         Scout - Mobility, Utility, and Archery
         Cleric - Healing, Buffing, and Undead-slaying
         Rogue - Evades and fades in to deal huge single-target damage
         Alchemist - Supports allies and debuffs enemies through potions gained through combat
         Warlock - Combines abilities and debuffs for massive burst AoE damag
  • Loads of side content: Cooperative boss battles, daily quests, races, parkour challenges, and more.
  • Easily 120+ hours of mainline playtime with weekly updates; many players have > 1000 hours of game time.
  • A friendly, mature community of experienced Minecraft players

Monumenta has remained live since Closed Beta in June 2017 and continues to grow. It is a community-driven project which is and always will be free to play.

Join today at (Minecraft version 1.16.3)
Discord (our main community hub):


Optional resource pack, which adds custom textures for our unique items (requires Optifine):

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