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Elysia - survival (1.13.2)

Elysia is a survival / economy multiplayer server. It remains faithful to the vanilla experience while integrating add-ons seamlessly., with vanilla-like plugins and features that don't ruin the survival feel we've grown to love.

Set up with 6 years of server hosting expertise, effectively using custom and premium plugins to create and offer the best survival experience out there. It features custom mobs, custom enchants (being repaired), crates, votifier and many many more features I spent hours setting up that'll barely go noticed, with more on the way as my credit card and schedule will allow it.

Elysia focuses heavily on community and aims to provide a close-knit player base, which it's already well into! Feel free to drop in and say hey whenever.

we're still the in early days but I'm working hard daily to add and improve features. Join us soon for some early bird rewards :)

Server Information
Elysia IPElysia.world
Discord Linkhttps://www.Discord.me/elysiaworld
Registration DateOctober 09, 2018
Last Pinged13 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.13
CategoriesEconomyPVEPVPSurvivalAdventureTownyTeam Survival
CountryUnited Kingdom flag