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* Headhunting (Mobs drop heads and you can sell them or make custom masks | Killing a player gives you his head that you can sell and get 15% of his balance)

* Custom Enchants (Over 100 custom enchants, to improve PVP and Survival)

* Crates (You can get awesome loot in the crates | Now we have Christmas Kit avaliable where you can get keys to get you started)

* Factions Fly (Everyone is able to use /fly in there own factions territory to help you build the base)

* SilkSpawners (If you have silk touch pickaxe, you are able to mine spawners)

* And more!!!


* Custom Islands (Custom starting island avaliable)

* Shards (You can get custom items using Shards that you can get from killing mobs)

* Island Upgrades (You can upgrade your island size and generators from /upgrade)

* Boosters (You can boost your islands money income and XP)

* And more!!!

SkyCreep Network
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SkyCreep Network
Discord Link
Registration DateOctober 31, 2018
Last Pingedabout 14 hours ago
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Version 1.8
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CountryEngland flag