test ip: OSIRIS.play.ai

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Welcome to osiris we are a well established survival server with a twist. We offer you a chilled out place to play without an endless list of rules and regulations to follow.we offer multiple game modes for you to play howerver you like.

ANARCHY- A more hardcore game type where just escaping spawn is an achievement

ECONOMY- Here you can earn money with server jobs and spend your hard earned money in the server shops

PEACEFUL- Dont like to be bothered with mobs this is the place for you just build and survive

CREATIVE- Whether you just like building or want to test out a new survival idea this is the mode for you

We have a multitude of plugins like grief prevention, crazy crates, custom jobs, auto ranks and portals just to name a few youll have to get in game to find out more.

Stay up to date by joining our discord server here https://discord.gg/NSPJ8Z3 . You can also chat from discord directly in to the server if you are offline and chat to players even from your phone. So why wait copy the ip and come check us out.

Server Information
test IPOSIRIS.play.ai
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/SvMXVhJ
Registration DateNovember 03, 2018
Last Pinged3 months ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.14.2
CountryUnited Kingdom flag