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IslanderMC SMP - Thousands of Islands to Explore

IslanderMC SMP - Thousands of Islands to Explore

IslanderMC SMP - Thousands of Islands to Explore ip:

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Are you looking for a different SMP experience?
Do you find that other SMP servers are too easy?
We aim to offer an enhanced and next-level SMP experience unlike any other you may have played.
As the name suggests, all players are Islanders. The map consists of thousands of islands which are all different biomes(biomes generate randomly). You will be tasked with surviving the many different challenges and obstacles presented within these dangerous yet elegant islands.
At night, every island is packed with mobs, so don't head out at night unless you're prepared! This is a true survival experience that will put all of your Minecraft skills and knowledge to the test as long strive to survive and conquer the areas around you.
We have multiple survival experience enhancing features such as:
Landclaiming - claim your land to protect it from griefers, a perfect way to store your supplies or build something fantastic without the worry of it being destoryed
Jobs - start doing work to earn some money that you can use in other areas of the server to purchase new items and rewards
Alcohol brewing - a fun way to use your resources, who doesn't want a drink everyone now and then?
Locks - lock you chests, doors, furnaces to prevent other players from sabotaging your hard earned materials
Bank - deposit your money and let time grow it over time to build a passive income while you work on other things
Custom enchanting - add custom enchantments to your armor and weapons for a more unique combat experience tailored perfectly to you
Quests - do quests and get different awards upon completion
Custom mobs - custom mobs and bosses that will make your life hard, but are well worth the rewards if you manage to kill them
Loot - search around spawn and the server warps to find amazing loot

Come join and see for yourself!

IslanderMC SMP - Thousands of Islands to Explore
Server Information
Discord Link
Registration DateNovember 19, 2018
Last Pinged
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Version 1.12.2
CountryEurope flag
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