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Hey there everyone, and welcome to our page! We're SkuadMC: an Economy Survival server with bits of RPG elements thrown in for good measure. To start off with I'd like to thank you for looking at our page here and not just writing us off as another small server. We firmly believe we can grow as a community, and hopefully you can be an important part of that. So to start off with getting you to join us, let's explain a bit about what our server is all about:


One of our more defining aspects is the economy aspect. Our economy is shaped through the rankups you can achieve in-game. To rankup, you simply make enough money, and to make money you have a number of options. We have mines at spawn for some quick materials that also sell relatively well, there are ChestShops you can buy and sell to across the server, players will occasionally auction things in chat, and we even have a Market area at spawn for you to sell items to the server. We believe a refined, balanced economy is the appropriate step to take.


We also allow claiming on our server. Claiming allows you to set land to only be changeable by you and those you trust the most. To do this we use GriefPrevention with all the standard rules. You use a gold shovel to right click the corners of your land and thats it. Your claim extends from bedrock to the build limit above.

Hard World

One of our more unique aspects, in addition to the three normal worlds, Overworld, Nether, and the End, we've added an extra Hard World that you can explore either right off the bat (which we do not recommend) or after gearing up as best you can. In addition to the Jobs aspect, offering an economic advantage to living in this world, the Hard World is home to some of the fiercest foes you have ever faced. From Zombie hordes that hunt you down and attack you with special skills of theirs to mighty bosses that drop extremely rare loot, the Hard World is not a place for the faint of heart. The Hard World also lacks claiming and has PvP turned on, which adds the element of other players being potentially dangerous to your adventure. But the loot you can get from this world is completely worth it. Armor that increases your health, materials to craft Picks that can mine Spawners, and even Swords with special attacks, Hard World has whatever you need to become unstoppable. Create your own story and those worth remembering shall be remembered for a long time.


There's also the topic of our community, which we can't just leave out. SkuadMC was founded in September of 2017 by a player named Skularr. Originally it was a private (not whitelisted) server for friends to play, and for a while that's all it was. It quickly grew upon being released to the public however, and now we have a Discord community of over 100 people, some daily players and some who return when they can. Our staff team is also constantly at work providing either helpful support or new features. The Admin team also pushes out a major Content Update on the first of every month, keeping the server feeling fresh and new with new features and commands. We are aiming to build a community that has their voice listened to and is constantly involved in the process of updates.

Now for a few links that'll help you get started. 

First we have our Discord, which is the primary home of communication for our players:

We also have a website that we just recently opened and are still trying to improve:

Following us on Twitter could also be helpful in keeping yourself up to date:

Our Instagram can also be chock full of teasers for new updates, so follow us there too:

We also have a webmap which could be useful for you in finding your new home in the Normal World:

We hope to see you sometime soon! Join us via or!

SkuadMC 1.14.2
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SkuadMC 1.14.2
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