Paradise Survival - Chill Server

Paradise Survival - Chill Server

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Paradise Survival is a simple Minecraft server built by oldschool players meant for just a chill survival experience. The server is non competitive and there is no griefing or raiding, you make claims using the golden shovel to protect your land. The server is under constant development and we are adding new features constantly. You start with a few basic items and are put into survival just like you should be in Minecraft. The server has an economy, events, grief prevention plugins, anti-cheat plugins and more features being added soon. When more plugins come out for 1.13 there will be RPG elements and NPCs.

The rules are simple
1. No Hacking
2. No Racial Slurs
3. No Spam
4. No Griefing/ Raiding/ Stealing (Grief Prevention)
5. Practice Common Sense
6. No Scamming
7. No Perk/Staff Abuse

Rank giveaways!

Paradise Survival - Chill Server
Server Information
Discord Link
Registration DateNovember 29, 2018
Last Pinged7 minutes ago
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Version 1.13
CategoriesEconomyRoleplaySurvivalSmallFunPVESurvival RPGRPGRPTeam Survival
CountryUnited States of America flag