Athamus Netowrk 1.13.2

Athamus Netowrk 1.13.2

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Welcome To Athamus
Towny allows players to create towns and invite their friends and other players to the town. Be careful tho, a daily tax si collected!

Athamus has created custom jobs to fit the players economic needs! Need some money for that sword you want so bad?! Easy! Go to the mine and earn some Cash!

Custom Items:
Here at Athamus we try to give the players the best and unique experience of all. Including custom items, custom crates, custom loot, and much more!

Athamus offers a variety of different crates, and here are a few examples:
Vote: Earn keys from voting on the vote sites!
Food: A bonus key can be found from voting as well.
and much more to come
So Many Ranks:
Ranks are a secret ;) can be found in game with the /ranks command

Athamus Netowrk 1.13.2
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Registration DateNovember 30, 2018
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Version 1.13.2
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