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*** What is Trickshot? ***

Trickshot is an Advanced Survival RPG server customized with high quality mobs, items, and more. Established in 2017, and with over a decade of collective experience between staff members, Trickshot is sure to excite you and keep you on your toes for your next adventure!

*** Infinite World ***

We host an infinite world without borders! Play near the community, or hit the road and isolate yourself further than anyone else, it's up to you. Vanilla worldgen means you always get the latest Minecraft map features. Exploring gets even easier with our...

*** MMORPG Features ***

Do more by doing more! Earn levels in skills like farming and mining to unlock special abilities, buff yourself up in combat with classes and special class-specific skills. Play hard and hit harder! You'll need it to take on our...

*** Custom Mobs ***

Trickshot features 100+ custom mobs. Some friendly, some incredibly dangerous, all meticulously designed to challenge and entertain users of all skill levels. These are the ones you want to kill if you want more of our...

*** Custom Items ***

We don't stop at just custom mobs! Trickshot features hundreds of custom items and crafting recipes. Not only new armor and weapons, but magic wands, mystical items and crafting materials, food, and more! Now you just need a place to put them, how about keeping your treasure in...

*** Land Claims ***

Build with peace of mind using our excellent land claiming system. Gain more claimblocks through regular play, or win them in mystery crates. Expand your empire and keep safe what is yours. But don't worry, even beyond your property line, your items will be kept safe with...

*** Death Chests ***

Death is not the end for you, it shouldn't be for your items either. Death Chests gives you a little extra time to get back what you've worked hard for so that you can get back into the action as quickly as possible. With Death Chests, you can relax without losing your...

*** Decorative Heads ***

Over 26,000 decorative heads await you! Trick out your home or use them to add some atmosphere to your own unique builds. The possibilities are endless, the selection might as well be too. This database is growing larger all the time, just like our...

*** Wiki User Manual ***

No more waiting for staff members to answer questions. Everything you need is in our extensive Wiki User Manual. Mob drops? Crafting recipes? Plugin commands? It's all right here! We are always expanding our User Manual, because of our dedication to...

*** Constant Development ***

We're not nearly done with our Minecraft Expansion Pack! We are always developing new mobs and items, new ways to play and build, new features to entertain you, and new adventures to challenge you. We work tirelessly to make Trickshot more fun all the time!

Trickshot | Minecraft: Expanded
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Registration DateDecember 22, 2018
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Version 1.15.2
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