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SurvivalRPG is a semi-vanilla minecraft server with a twist. We have the McMMO plugin, and we are adding many other plugins to simulate a typical MMO video game to keep players stimulated, and enthralled. IP: Website: Some of the server's qualities include: -No griefing, no trolling, no racism, no prejudice policy. -Build protection - Claim land with a gold shovel, or have a staff zone any completed builds to save your claim space for unfinished builds. You gain 100 blocks of claim per hour of online activity. -Staff can detect grief, and undo it in seconds! Even if there is no staff online when grief is discovered, you can report it with a /ticket in the area you discover it, and a staff member will gladly check the area to determine if it is unfinished, or griefed. -Customize your look even further with More Player Models! Add wings, horns, a tail, be a minotaur, or have a spider body! -Custom Villagers with more realism! -Special food from broiled zombie flesh to dragon meat with special effects more powerful than a Notch apple! -Server AI named Tesla. Start your phrase with ai to talk to it. -Mob Raids with over 150 custom rare drops -Over 100 custom monsters and non-player characters -Marriage -Build protection -McMMo -PVP only in designated PVP areas , PVP Island with TNT enabled!!! -Parkour areas -Spleef arenas -Contests with great prizes such as donor rank -Staff applications -Many experienced staff that are quick to assist players, and moderate -Shop with fair prices that encourage player trading And much more! Come join us, and see for yourself why SurvivalRPG is the best server out there.

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SurvivalRPG IP104.37.29.8
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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