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About: We are a family friendly creative server that encourage you to have as much fun as possible, we have a highly configured swear/spam/advertising filter to stop nasty words staying with you. We also have carefully picked staff to make sure your stay is as good as possible. We also have big 512x512 plots that you can build whatever you want on (except innapropriate builds). Above all that we also allow free worldedit, not free as in 'do /vote to get worldedit' i mean free as in you join and you don't need to vote for it at all. We are one of the only servers to allow free worldedit without a need to vote for it. If that isn't good enough for you, we have plenty of roleplay/fun commands. Features: - Free worldedit, no need to vote for it - Big plots 512x512 - Marriage roleplay commands /marry - Cheap donator ranks - Swear/spam/advertising filter - Friendly community and staff - No lag - Constant updates adding in more fun - Dedicated owner - Online 24/7 - Plenty of players online - Custom coded plugins - Good plot plugin Helpfull commands: /plot auto - Get a new plot to build on. /plot home - Get back to your plot. /plot add - Allow a player to build on your plot. /plot remove - Disallow a player to build on your plot. /plot deny - Ban a player from your plot. /plot time - Change the time of your plot. //wand - Get the worldedit wand. //set - Set your worldedit selection as blocks. Links: Website: Donation store: IP:

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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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Version 1.13
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