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Captain's Craft - Survival

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Captain's Craft
Set out on your survival journey in Captain's Craft, a laid back survival server with many enjoyable plugins for a fun playing experience. When joining the server you will be spawned on Captains Cove, our server's spawn point island. From there, you can either explore the town, or set sail on your own journey! Set sail from any direction and reach land shortly, or use one of our server warps for your convenience!

We offer a variety of plugins to make your playing experience a more enjoyable and pleasant time. This server is a long term build server so we do not plan on doing another map reset for awhile, and will continue to add relevant plugins!

-Anti Grief Protection
And more!

-No Greifing.
-No Spamming.
-No 1x1 towers.
-No asking for server op, items, or rank upgrades
-No Trolling.
-No Advertising.
-No Builds near spawn.
-No hacks or Mods

Server Ranks: (By Server Playtime)
Captain - 1 Year +
Quarter Master - 10 Months
First Mate - 8 Months
Cabin Boy - 6 Months
Gunner - 5 Months
Master 3- Months
Pilot - 2 Months

Powder Monkey - 1 Month

As Captain's Craft strives to be a fun, and a safe community. We like to ensure our players are having the best experience possible, and are always open to feedback from the community!

Captain's Craft - Survival
Server Information
Discord Link
Registration DateJanuary 28, 2019
Last Pinged7 days ago
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Version 1.13
CategoriesEconomySurvivalMob ArenaCommunity
CountryUnited States of America flag