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SadCraft is a Towny server with a vision to enhance Minecraft's vanilla gameplay by implementing progression through skills (mcmmo), Enchants, Quests, and mobs. Join jobs that offer unlock-able features, build a town with your friends, or raise a Nation and fight against your enemies. Whether you're searching for a server to play peacefully on while you build, gamble, and quest with your friends, or a server where you can fight and grind your way to wealth, SadCraft offers home to many, many players, regardless of their playstyle.

Features Include:
* Players can earn custom loot while they fight alongside NPCs, or their own party, through our intricate dungeons to face-off against high-level mob bosses.

* Each Job has unlockable features that include everything from crafting mob spawners, to enchanting high-level weapons. 


* Build a peaceful, beautiful town with your friends, or raise a mighty Nation and battle against others in Nation Wars.

* There are several ways of making money, such as gambling at our casinos, Questing, joining a Job, and more.

* DJ Booths, player trails, elytra boosts/trails and more are all available through supporting our server with your vote, or purchasing.

Sadcraft Towny
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Sadcraft Towny
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