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Hi! Welcome to our New Minecraft Faction Survival Server!
What are the Features?
* Factions (Survival Mode)
* Keep Inventory
* DropPvP and SafePvP (DropPvP- is where you pvp that when you died your items will drop. SafePvP- is when you died you will never lose your items because its keep inventory mode.)
* McMmo
* Upto 15+ Ingame RankUps
* Daily and Weekly Events
* Crates
* Vote Coins
* Economy
* Shop Chest
* Crop Checker (You can Check your crop if how many percentage by right clicking the crop with a hoe.)
* Auction House
* Custom Enchantments
* Jobs
* Lockette
* Top Players
* Custom Mobs
* And Moreee...
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Server Version: 1.13.x

Lucky Metro
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Lucky Metro
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Registration DateFebruary 03, 2019
Last Pinged9 days ago
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Version 1.13
CategoriesCreativeEconomyFactionsMinigamesPVPSkyblockMCMMOCrackedCustom Enchants
CountryUnited States of America flag