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Welcome to RapCraft RapCraft has many plugins that are the following: Factions are added with a OP twist! There are auctions so that players can sell each other items! There is a shop which allow players to purchase items! When players kill mobs they will gain money! If a player gets killed in battle, the player that killed him will receive there head! When raiding peoples bases I've added it so that obsidians blows up in five hits of TNT! When voting within the server at /vote, user will get 5k each time they vote! Custom enchantment have been added as users will start of with full protection ten diamond armor! Players will be able to collect spawners buy mining them with a silk touch pickaxe! A fairly new plugins has been added that allows the players to generate walls when building bases! On the right hand side of the players screen there will be a scoreboard that will show the user there kdr and money! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1j27RFPQ7I0

Server Information
RapCraft IPrapcraft.mcfrag.net
Registration DateFebruary 10, 2019
Last Pinged18 minutes ago
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Version 1.13.2
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CountryUnited States of America flag