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Welcome to the Big Chungus Network! Notable plugins and features include:

- A semi-vanilla survival mode experience
- Land claiming through GriefPrevention
- Economy with AuctionHouse for buying and selling items, and money drops from mobs and block 
- Clans: Create a clan or join one and team up with other players
- Random spawn on join, as well as access to the "/wild" command
- You can type "/kit claim" to get a gold shovel and stick for land claiming
- Info booklet on join which lists useful commands (type "/infobook get welcome" for a new one).
- Buyable ranks and claim blocks through the "/buy" menu (all ranks currently 50% off)
- CorpseReborn: On player death, a corpse will appear for 15 minutes with an accessible inventory 
containing their items
- UltimateTimber: Makes tree chopping more realistic

Big Chungus Network
Server Information
Discord Link
Registration DateFebruary 12, 2019
Last Pinged7 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.13.2
CategoriesEconomyPVPSurvivalSpigotAnarchyNewSemi Vanilla
CountryUnited States of America flag