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Who are we?
If you're looking for a modded non-PVP survival server where you will never be bored, Dreamland is the server for you! With an endless number of worlds, biomes, quests, and boss battles, Dreamland is an adventurer's paradise. From the depths of the void to the final frontier in space, not even the sky is our limit.

While our modpack's focus is exploration, we feature a wide variety of mods ranging from categories in technology, magic, or even just random stuff.

We are also a server of a mature community and supportive staff that listens to its players and make necessary changes happen.

Other features:
- High performance and 24/7 uptime
- An advanced economy, dynamically-priced server shops along with player shops
- PvE and disabled PVP
- Custom Dimensions
- No Pay2Win ranks
- Towny and CoreProtect to limit griefing and raiding
- Events
- Legends
- And more!

Modpack: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&confirm=Qu-Q&id=1VvFc__ziAKXJ_BgOxXl3wLFEoSmLra6h

DreamLand Modded Survival
Server Information
Registration DateFebruary 15, 2019
Last Pinged14 minutes ago
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Version 1.7.10
CountryUnited States of America flag