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A Vanilla experience with a little twist.

MC-X is a semi-Vanilla Minecraft server which uses a minimum amount of plugins to keep the vanilla experience real. We also have a minimal amount of rules that you should read before you start playing. If it is your first time playing on an anarchy themed server i would recommend you read our small starting guide. This will help you out a little bit.

Instead of giving the usual in-game rewards for voting , we cannot do that as we want to keep the vanilla experience real. Instead we found a way to make voting interesting tho by giving away steamcash , google play-cash and even netflix cash. you can learn all about that here.

PVP is an important thing that you should remember when joining us. Keep in mind that you can kill anyone and anyone can kill you.
you can destroy any building and so can they. This is what an anarchy-themed server is all about.

Discord is an amazing tool that keeps our ingame community a little closer to eachother. And i would recommend you to join it. Our discord is where we will host events , provide support and have fun in general chat! you can join it here.

MC-X A New Age
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MC-X A New Age
Discord Link
Registration DateFebruary 19, 2019
Last Pinged4 minutes ago
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Version 1.13.2
CategoriesPVPSurvivalVanillaAnarchyNewSemi Vanilla
CountryUnited Kingdom flag