ZenModa  [SMP][24/7][Active][Live Streaming]

ZenModa [SMP][24/7][Active][Live Streaming]

ZenModa [SMP][24/7][Active][Live Streaming] ip: zenmoda.mcpro.io

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Hello to All This is a Community server, I've started this server a while back and im restarting the server and hopping for the best. Im would like to tell you a little about the server. The server first started with me and my dad wanted to play some Online with each other and i though some players would like to join us in the journey on the online work with you guys alone with us. I Have a Ranks plugin Its not basted on home much time you play it based on how much i see you around and contributing to the town and players around you, With keeping the server clean and nice for new players to come along. I want to share the experience of this SMP community server with new players. Now anyone is welcome to join. I have also implemented a creative free roam world for players who want to build have have fun in Creative mode. I am on most hours of the day helping players along and also playing the game. Welcome to my Server hope you have fun

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ZenModa [SMP][24/7][Active][Live Streaming]
Server Information
Discord Linkhttps://discordapp.com/invite/ECcRk34
Registration DateFebruary 23, 2019
Last Pinged15 days ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.13.2
CountryUnited States of America flag