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                Welcome to a timeless prison server that has been brought back from the depths of history to regain dominance as a top tier prison server enjoyed by so many. This timeless classic once brought joy and excitement to a generation that has since moved on in their lives. Nevertheless, we are bringing back this classic to a new generation of players that are looking for better alternatives to OP prisons and hub servers, something real and meaningful, a community. We formed friendships that lasted long after the original server shut its doors, and we are looking to share that experience with a younger generation that wants nothing more than to fit in and belong.

                Work towards becoming a powerful force within the prison, capable of taking down any guard, or take a different route and become a guard to protect and stop any riots that may break out among the prisoners. Become a name that supersedes reputation by competing in and winning various events on the server to show your event prowess, which will be shown by stars preceding your in-game-name.

                We hope that you enjoy your stay in the prison and form valuable relationships with others that, like us, can transcend the boundaries of an online, virtual game.

                Player Rules: Work in the mines to move up the ranking system from C-B-A-Elite-Free. As you rank-up the costs become more but the amenities in each block give more.

                Guard rules: Guards take on the role of ensuring that prisoners are kept in check. This means doing the “countdown” when a prisoner has any contraband showing. For example, if a prisoner has a sword out, the guard will begin saying, “5,4,3,2,1.” If during this countdown the prisoner refuses to drop the sword/contraband, the guard must jail this prisoner for a designated amount of time. Also, if a prisoner hits a guard, the guard has every right to kill the prisoner.

                Prisoner Rules: Just as guards, prisoners have rules they must follow. If the guard initiates the countdown and you refuse to drop your contraband, you will be jailed. If you hit a guard and run into a pvp-disabled zone and they start the countdown for you to come out, you must come out or risk getting jailed temporarily. 

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Registration DateMarch 13, 2019
Last Pinged3 months ago
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Version 1.12.2
CountryUnited States of America flag