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Greetings citizen! Welcome to GameChurch City, the official Minecraft server for GameChurch City, the official Facebook group for GameChurch! GameChurch City, the server, exists to provide a friendly environment to experience your favorite Minecraft games such as MobArenas, Village Defense, and Parkour maps as well as classic modes like Survival and Creative plots.

$$$$$ MONEY FREE $$$$$
GameChurch City operates with zero donations. Every aspect of the game is available for free with ZERO monetary advancements allowed. We've found that it makes the game more fun :)

!!!!!!!!!! MINIGAMES !!!!!!!!!!
Everyone likes to take a break from survival, and the fastest way to do so is with minigames! We provide a constantly-growing collection of parkour worlds, PVE Minigame arenas such as MobArena and Village Defense, and over 30 minigames including Cookie Clicker and Tetris to pass the time while that iron smelts.

@[email protected]$ ECONOMY [email protected][email protected]
The survival world operates using a jobs plugin to build money, Residence to protect your land, and Chest Shops to sell(or buy) all of those precious diamonds. Even if you run out of things to buy, there are plenty of cosmetics and mounts available to customize your experience!So come say hi and see what you think!

GameChurch City
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GameChurch City
Registration DateMarch 17, 2019
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Version 1.13
CategoriesCreativeEconomyMinigamesParkourSurvivalMob Arena
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