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Welcome to The Frontier!

Welcoming veterans and newbies alike, we strive to make the game a refreshing experience for everyone. New players will find helpful staff and player-built towns with open arms while veteran players can take on dungeons and raids and claim rare loot.

The server is a work in progress, but you needn't worry. While some servers shut down because the owner got bored, this server is here to stay. Also the world will never wipe, so you'll never lose your builds! Build your own history and get your name out there.

Rules & Guidelines:

No Griefing under any circumstances

Goofing around with your own friends is fine but address those whom you don't know in a friendly, professional manner

Client mods that give an unfair advantage are a no-go

Raiding/Stealing is not allowed

Exploits and duplication will be met with punishment

While some foul language is allowed, we don't allow racial slurs of any kind or excessive, unnecessary use.

Use your common sense accordingly. Not every teeny tiny rule is listed here!

The Frontier
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The Frontier
Discord Link
Registration DateMarch 26, 2019
Last Pinged4 months ago
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Version 1.13.2
CategoriesSurvivalTownySemi VanillaSMPSurvival RPGRPG
CountryUnited States of America flag