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Hello, my name is Bacon the administrator and Founder or LiftedMC

We may have what you are looking for! Lifted is a extremely brand new Drug Server.

You are welcome to try it out we have a small(But New) friendly community out and can have a look at it on our server

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The server is 1.10+ Login, we are PvP on the main map(Only Map), with Survival (SMP), and mcMMO. you warp away from spawn to the wild and you find your own way, Building a farm and ranking up unlocking new perks and shops every rank. Every rank provides a new item/kit/perk so it's exciting to progress in Lifted's ranks. We offer a unique experience as we run 1.10 but Run 1.7.10 PvP and Enchanting.

It is a casual survival server, Vanilla, only the extra necessary plugins includng WorldGuard, Core Protect (+AntiXay), and other essential plugings for server management as seen below. We keep everything vanilla as possible.

We have a extremely friendly and competitive community, staff & players love to interact with one another.

There are a few projects going on atm like our New Spawn and God Plots and much more. We release a devblog every week or two stating where we are using our donation money and what have added/ what we are working on in that week and/or the upcoming.

Admins are between 18 - 23 (Myself 18) with an even mix of mature, friendly guys and girls.

No white-list, you are welcome to join straight away! We screen players maturity online.

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Registration DateApril 08, 2019
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Version 1.10x
CountryUnited States of America flag