StoryCraft: Aftermath - A Server With a Story

StoryCraft: Aftermath - A Server With a Story

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A tightly wrapped pea-coat. A popped collar. A hat pulled low. Fumbling for keys as the rain pelts leather back. Left- right- breast- rear! As deftly closed as it was opened, the door swings silently shut. Hat, Coat, Keys, Quiet. Only the pitter, pitter, pitter, pat out of doors and footsteps. One, two, three steps down. The familiar smell of dust and age-old pages. A nook by the high window and cushions abound. Waking soon gives way to sleep at the hands of a good book. Dreaming. Fields of hay and mushrooms. Cottages with stout chimneys. Forests, rivers, and… awake again. No… Not wake. This is not the corner host to so many long days and late nights. Pat, pat, pat… skitter. Pillows and rain has given way to meticulously hewn stones
and stale air.

Awake at last.” A mere whisper amplified so many scores by church walls. Deafening.

Whiskers like hay. A nose akin to caps from so many stews before. Homely and stout, smoking a cigar like a stovepipe. Forest green eyes sparkling as lively as a bubbling brook.

Welcome finally, traveler, to Fel’Arthia!”


Hello! You’ve just arrived here at our little server, so let me show you what makes StoryCraft great.

  • Survival: Even with all the ranks and forum, at its heart StoryCraft is really just a refreshingly simple semi-vanilla survival server.

  • Community: Our most attractive feature and the reason why many of us have been here for several years.

  • Quests: Here we have quests given out by NPCs ranging from building your first house to becoming an affluent merchant.

  • Ranks: 8 achievable player ranks, each with new perks to keep the content coming after you feel like you’ve beaten the game.

  • Monthly contests: Every month we host a new player contest for rank points, so come on and show us what you’ve got!

  • Active and friendly staff: We don’t interview or hire new players for staff here. All of our staff are just old players who fell in love with the server and wanted to give something back to the community. That’s right, even me!

  • Story: Last, and most importantly, story! What would we be without it? We have a lot of lore and history to be uncovered through future events and quests, but the most important tale of all may just be yours, so
Come visit our website at or
join us in-game at!

StoryCraft: Aftermath - A Server With a Story
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