Smokes Survival - Works On All Versions! [Factions] [McMMO] [Shop] [New]

Smokes Survival - Works On All Versions! [Factions] [McMMO] [Shop] [New] ip:

Vote For Smokes Survival - Works On All Versions! [Factions] [McMMO] [Shop] [New]

Are you looking for a Minecraft server that is as good as the one you played back in the day?

Or are you just getting into Minecraft and looking for a quality server?

Look no further! 

Join Smokes Survival and get the full experience! We have a variety of amazing plugins to make our server stand out from the rest. 
We want people who like PvP and are into building their faction up to be stronger than the competition! 

Looking to take a break from running the best faction in the server? Relax and claim your own creative plot and build your stress away!

We also host weekly events such as Drop Parties, PvP Tournaments, Parkour, Raids, and many more!

Stop by and give us a try!


Smokes Survival - Works On All Versions! [Factions] [McMMO] [Shop] [New]
Server Information
Discord Link
Registration DateMay 07, 2019
Last Pinged1 day ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.13
CountryUnited States of America flag