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The purpose of this server is to bring back the joy of vanilla PvP after the versions 1.8. The server is fairly simple and is made to be simple and fun as possible. The server consists of two kits when spawned in the server. Players can choose between the two kits and will fight other players to earn money, levels, and more. 

The Server Includes:

- Fun Map for everyone to play

  - Includes 5+ Secret Hideouts

  - Large enough Arena for players to roam around

  - Enderchest scattered throughout the map (When Diamonds Drop)

- Friendly Staff

  - Our staff members try our very best to make sure that everyone is having fun and is being treated fairly. We are very strict about our staff members abusing their powers and using their ranks to their advantages. We try our very best to make sure that our team makes the server enjoyable for everyone.

- Shop

   - The server is a not only a KitPvP Server, but also an economy based. Per every kill a player gets earns 1-20 dollars randomly to their bank account. Players can use their money to go to the shop and buy diamond armor and enhancements to have better chances of killing more players. Players will also get diamonds everytime they level up, which they can sell in the store for money.

- 1vs1 

  - The server also includes a 1vs1 plugin for everyone to 1v1 each other in a PvP battle. 

MCPvP Server
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MCPvP Server
Registration DateMay 18, 2019
Last Pinged19 minutes ago
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Version 1.8.9
CategoriesEconomyPVEPVPKit PVP1 VS 1
CountryUnited States of America flag