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  • No name tag
    • There is no name tag in the game.You have to use your stealth to loot the ruins of the place once called a city,focus on the sounds around you and make sure no one is following you.Rain is the best and worst time for looting,because you can't hear anyone nor can anyone hear you.
  • Safe zones aka bases
    • Safe zones aka bases are places where pvp is not allowed and you can rest there,purchase some stuff,do some quests and trade with other players.Beware that when night comes zombies tend to overattack the base and some zombies may enter inside!
  • Bunkers
    • Bunkers are places that mostly require to team up with someone to take it down.Bunkers are full of npc enemy and great rewarding loot.After you and your friends manage to fight off the enemy npc's you can loot the whole place.The loot and the enemy npc's respawn every 24h.Beware that enemy might been waiting for you to kill the npc enemy so they can storm you when you are the most vulnerable.
  • Groups
    • How do i play with my friends if there is no name tag? How do i even create a group for us so we can see each other? Well no worries! The no name tag has built in group creating command! With it you can create group,invite,accept,deny,leave group! So make sure that player you invite wont betray you in long run! Remember that he can leave the group any time!
  • Plot system
    • Because of so much stuff going on we figured out that you would need some kind of your own personal space to store stuff,so we introduce you the plots!The plots that are in bases (aka safe zones) costs mostly less and can be bought via in game currency,for custom plot and size is only via real money (depends on the size in square and location of it)
  • Gamble 
    • Because we know life is one big gamble we introduce you the gamble system! Sadly roulette is only available.You can purchase the roulette keys from the keys dealer in some bases where gambling is allowed.The gambling is only via in game currency.
  • Quests
    •  We are planning to add over more than 100 quests! Quests are vital part of this game to keep the story line,with along the quests you will come to the final one,where you will obtain the Diamond armor,which is the only way to obtain it!Show off to your friends that you are the ultimate survivor!
  • Pve/Pvp zones
    • As we said in the bases features,pve is in the bases and your plot,while pvp is outside the safe zone.Once you leave the pve zone you will get 15 second protection so you don't get insta killed.No one likes that!
  • Two worlds,two stories
    • (Currently under development) We are creating a second world in the server once you finish the story,sadly you wont be able to transfer the stuff but your vip status will still stay!
  • Vip
    • Vip was the hardest part! We struggled to make it worth it yet not pay to win type of vip.With vip you get some perks that boosts you a litle,also you get 12x12 square plot!
  • The ruins
    • The ruins once called a city Zarok,contains alot of lootable chests (over 400) with some hand written books about the life before,you can find the book after hell broke loose,and in the hell where last words of life remains on it.
  • Black market
    • We introduce you a black market!Black market contains stuff stolen from military before hell broke loose! You can buy grenades and explosives there,but beware black market is PVE area and you can easily get killed if you don't go there with a group of atleast 3!  
  • The secret
    •  No one knows,but words are everywhere.There is a legend,about a sword so powerful that one hit slices anyone in the way.One old guy said "The sword so light yet so powerful,it cuts trough anything.If you would meet god in that journey,the god would be cut".Rumors are that sword is somewhere off the Ruins,laying there in dust,waiting for a new lord.
  • Zombies
    • As the apocalypse started and unknown virus broke,infecting 95% of population.The virus is terrifying; It makes normal human to eat other human,it has no control over himself,and it's all rotten.The night is the worst time for looting since zombies are at their strongest point.
  • Anti cheat and cheating
    • We do not tolerate any kind of cheating,because it ruins the fun factor for the others,if you are caught cheating depending of the damage done you can be banned for 24h or forever.Our anti cheat system mostly detects players,reporting to the staff that player is doing wrong actions.
  • Coin
    • Coin as mentioned few times as in-game currency is used to purchase stuff from the shop,trade with other players or gamble.The money can be purchased only 3x times to prevent pay2win (and yes we memorize players that bought the coins,and no you cannot make duplicate accounts!)
  • Map size
    • Currently the map size is 4000 square blocks.They are all filled to the brim with ton of small details,ruins,zombies,loots and alot of interesting places to visit.The hospital is the biggest building in the server.
  • The info about server
    • Currently server is in the early beta and only few selected people are able to join the game,ip is revealed but server is whitelisted.You can join the discord link to see develop status,possible release date and alot more!

Server Information
Fallout IP151.80.47.57
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/EZNKSsC
Registration DateMay 21, 2019
Last Pinged3 months ago
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Version 1.13.2
CountryUnited States of America flag
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