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New Fantasy Survival Server - Version 1.14.2 (Will always update to current version)

- Hard Difficulty, No Keep Inventory. 

- 6 Deities to choose from and follow, each giving you a boost to a generic attribute 

- Player Owned Shops with Currency 

- Land Claim (Share Access with Friends to Increase Land Size) - Diamond Stock Exchange 

- The Price of Diamond will Rise and Fall Depending on how many Diamonds are Bought each Day.

- Active Owner who will Listen to your Suggestions and Make them Happen. 

- /RTP, /Spawn, /Warp, 

- Marriage! Get Married and be able to Teleport to your Partner, set a New Home Together, and more! 

- Quests for you to do to Gain Money and Unlock Harder Quests!

- Join to experience a unique server that I'm trying to create.

New Haven
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New Haven
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Registration DateJune 02, 2019
Last Pinged15 days ago
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Version 1.13
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