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SeaweedCraft is a Malaysian based Minecraft server, founded in 2018 by a group of friends that had a passion for all things Minecraft related. SeaweedCraft has: Survival with unique plugins and custom mobs. Towny with Community building as its core, it also has custom mobs! War and marriage happens here! Skyblock for players looking for a challenge KitPvP for players who want to battle or settle old scores. SeaweedCraft offers a tight knit community, the players are always active and have interesting stories to tell everyday in the Discord. If you just want to chill and talk, this server welcomes it too!

Seaweed Craft
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Seaweed Craft
Discord Link
Registration DateJune 12, 2019
Last Pinged11 minutes ago
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Version 1.17.1
CountryMalaysia flag