AirCraft 1.15.2

AirCraft 1.15.2

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24/7 Uptime, LAG FREE, 100% GRIEF PREVENTION,  Economy, Dedicated Staff, Player Shops, Growing and Friendly Community

Whether you're looking for a place to play with/make friends, or wanting the challege to survive on your own, AirCraft is a great place to make your new "server home". We have a friendly staff team and a growing community along with optimized servers to ensure you are always able to log in and play with a lag free experience. We have a whole server dedicated to PLAYER SHOPS where you can take ahold of our competitive economy. 

We are constantly optimizing our server to ensure there's little to NO LAG.

Upon joining, feel free to /rtp right away to begin your adventure. You can create claims using a golden shovel and /vote to rankup on our server.

Each vote has a chance to earn you rare items along with additional ranks within the server.

Commands to get you started are: /rtp, /sethome, and /vote. 

AirCraft 1.15.2
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AirCraft 1.15.2
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Registration DateJune 13, 2019
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Version 1.15.2
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