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1.15.1 Survival Server – BEES BEES AND BEES and New Items, BUT WAIT . THERES MORE .

AirCraft is a brand new Survival and Minigames Bungee network with TWO ‘ Safe Survival ‘ servers with KeepInv ON, where we help protect you and your builds from other players and YOUR LAND CLAIMS NEVER EXPIRE .. To contrast this we also offer a ‘ Unsafe Survival ‘ world where KeepInv is OFF , TP Killing and Grieving is ALLOWED, yet there are still claims to protect your stuff . Both servers offer /sethomes and FREE access to player shops where you have fly, can build your own shop, sell to any player and grow your fortune .

Our servers are LAG FREE - we take your gameplay and enjoyment seriously, have lots of friendly staff members [ open applications for staff at the first of every month ] and have a growing community . Use /rtp or the Wild Warp portal at /spawn to get far out and start playing, there is NO SHORTAGE of undiscovered biomes for you to claim and build in .

So what are you waiting for .? Come check us out – ‘ You Won’t ‘ .

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Discord Link
Registration DateJune 13, 2019
Last Pinged15 minutes ago
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Version 1.15.1
CountryUnited States of America flag