UniqueCraft Reborn (NEW 1.14.4 SERVER)

UniqueCraft Reborn (NEW 1.14.4 SERVER) ip: UniqueCraft.mc.gg

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UniqueCraft Reborn is a fun faction server for all players around the world! Main language is English, but other languages are acceptable. The server has a variety of fun and unique ideas implemented into the server to create an amazing experience while playing on UniqueCraft Reborn.

UniqueCraft Reborn has risen once again. We are back, and better than ever! If you enjoy a friendly community, or you like to start sh*t with other players, by raiding, griefing, or even killing them we are the perfect server for you! We are a mixture of all sorts of community. But we care about you first!

UniqueCraft Reborn focuses on bringing the best Faction and PVP experience for the players, from being able to grind for crate keys, to being a peaceful faction.
- Now updated to 1.14.4
- 1.8 Combat (No Cooldown)
- Intensive PVP
- Custom Spawn and Warzone
- Events Daily
- WorldBorder
- Custom Crates
- Unique Experience
- Join today!

UniqueCraft Reborn (NEW 1.14.4 SERVER)
Server Information
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/4bFfKRN​
Registration DateJune 16, 2019
Last Pinged19 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.14.3
CategoriesEconomyFactionsPVEPVPSurvivalMob ArenaFarmingPeaceful
CountryUnited States of America flag