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Name: Gymblonski Corporation


Version: 1.14.4


GymblonskiCorporation aims to give you something much different than any other networks:

For example a place to enjoy and spend time with your friends or a  place to clear your mind.

Our community is ready to welcome you into our family and we will be happy about it !

"Semi" Vanilla

We aim to keep gameplay itself as vanilla as possible, while providing access to some commands that make Minecraft life a little less mundane.

For example, we have /tpa, /sethome, /spawn, /vote

Grief Prevention

We utilize a plugin that allows you to claim your land and only give access to people that you trust!

This prevents griefing and raiding, which gives you peace of mind and gives the staff more free time to plan features and events!


Our ranking system is determined by how many hours you play on the server.

There are 3 different ranks for now Employee, Employee+ and Officer!

As you rank higher, you gain access to additional features ! 

Some additional features include more homes,more jobs at once, /skin, /nick, /enderchest, and kits.

We also have a Promoter rank which you can get after some time if you daily advertise our network.


For every vote that you cast, you receive one Crate Key.

These may be used at spawn to open the Crates.

There are numerous rewards available in the crates.

They often contain hard to obtain materials, specific kits,money and more!

Player Shops+Jobs

Each player is able to rent or buy a shop to sell some of his stuff and help other community members with it!

We have built a small bazaar for almost every player in our community.

Everyone of you is also able to join some of the available jobs and start earning money.

Only way to earn money are jobs or if you are lucky enough you can get some from vote.

Community Feel

We want everyone to enjoy their time on GymblonskiCorporation.

We try to promote a friendly environment.

We want you to meet new people! Chat with friends!

Players are encouraged to voice any suggestions or concerns they may have for the community.

Gymblonski Corporation
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Registration DateJune 24, 2019
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Version 1.14.4
CategoriesSurvivalHardcoreSmallSemi Vanilla
CountryMacedonia flag
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