Hardcore Hell

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Hey guys, we recently published our new minecraft server. We spent a lot of time coding our custom plugins.
This server is a unique idea our team came up with which blends hardcore survival with religious belief, which means that hell does in fact exist. The path to hell is simple, you die.And no there is no heaven, the over world is heaven because life is a present! Once you have arrived in the fiery pits of hell the only viable option is to escape of course! An easy task for those who have no problem killing their fellow demons. Which means you have to murder a player to crawl your way out of hell. Or you trade your souls with the devil.

Hardcore Hell
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Hardcore Hell IPhardcorehell.servebeer.com
Registration DateJuly 13, 2019
Last Pinged15 minutes ago
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Version 1.14.3
CountrySwitzerland flag