Carshune City

Carshune City

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We are a Towny Economy server.

We have McMMO.

We have Chest Shops.

We have Jobs.

We have Vote Rewards.

We have Auctions

We are EULA compliant!

We have a staff assisted economy to start out. But as the economy gets stronger Staff will become less and less involved, and the Jobs system may slowly get removed as well. We will instead switch to votes and player run economy so you the player have more power over your own world.

Carshune City
Server Information
Carshune City
Registration DateJuly 15, 2019
Last Pinged4 days ago
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Version 1.13.2
CategoriesEconomyPVESurvivalMCMMOTownyNeed StaffSMPNeed Builders
CountryUnited States of America flag