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Here we bring the community a huge list of custom minigames, and gamemodes that make our server stick out, and let me tell you it is not like the rest of plain minigames servers. We offer Skyblock which you can invite your friends, build amazing structures and grow out your island to the greatest it can be. Rewards to the best islands will be given out every month, rewards being exclusive ranks or permissions, etc... We offer Intense Factions with custom money making and shops. PVP Zones and lots more to come! We have crates that offer CRAZY rewards for voting or donating to the server. You can raid, kill, and top out other players on the leaderboard, earn tons of money to get spawners and make your base the best! Also Survival, Our Survival gamemode is calm when you would like it to be. If your more of an intense, loving to fight kind of person, head to the pvp arena or play some Factions. We also offer custom money making here, and cities to build your house or business to get selling to other players. Now time for our minigames! Our fully custom minigames include TNTRUN that gives you 2 very nice and decently sized arenas for running, custom built. DUELS If you love to 1v1 come duel others We bring a custom betting system to earn up to 10000 which you can transfer over to different gamemodes if you like. 2 Decently sized arena for battling, including a floating wilderness island, and a ship! Custom Rewards system brings you our crates Voting crates, and special rewards or donor crates! Nice and good to work with staff brings you the best economy you could ask for. They are helpful, and will answer all of your questions needed. Stop by and give Nitronic a try! If you like our server make sure to share it with your friends to earn rewards

Nitronic Factions
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Nitronic Factions
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Version 1.13.2
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